When it’s more than just glasses

The brain uses around 80% of information from vision for learning and processing information about the world around us.

If there are any factors that have interrupted the development of the visual pathways or the communication of the visual system to the brain, it can manifest in a wide range of symptoms. This is where we would like to help. If you notice that your vision is not quite right but yet you have been told you have 20/20 vision or your glasses are fine then please come to us, we will do a deeper assessment of the visual function.

We are a Middlesex and Hertforshire based service and we are happy to do home visits where necessary. Typically, we love to look after people of all ages, including those with learning difficulties, individuals that are on the autism spectrum or have dyspraxia, sensory challenges, attention issues, dyslexia and traumatic brain injury. There is no one too young or too old or too difficult for us, we endeavour to do our best for every person that comes to us.

Further Assessment

This is important especially if your quality of life is being effected by other vision problems that are not as evident in the sight test.

A further assessment is then carried out in line with the guidelines set out by the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists ( http://babo.co.uk/ ). Then depending on the results of the assessment, glasses (if required) may be prescribed and a treatment plan involving weekly vision therapy sessions may be recommended. Home vision therapy kits are also available where suitable and required.

To learn more please contact us at info@eyesinmotion.com .