About us

Rakhi Pabari is our Optometrist with a particular interest in Special Needs (adults and children) and Paediatric Optometry. This interest was born 20 years ago when Rakhi did her training in Optometry and Vision Sciences at Cardiff University. A requisite for this degree included training at the largest (in the UK) and one of the only, award winning Specialist Assessment Centres at Cardiff University run by Dr Margaret Woodhouse. It was here, during her training at Cardiff University, that working with children and adults with all levels of ability sparked a passion. Rakhi was a volunteer with the first Opening Eyes programme of the Special Olympics in the UK at the National Games Cardiff 2001 and also volunteered with the Royal National Institute of the Blind thereafter, helping blind and partially sighted children learn to be more independent.

Rakhi has completed the post graduate specialist Paediatric Optometry course at Cardiff University and she is also an accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists (BABO).

Rakhi makes the process fun and can be highly energetic, but she also adapts to all personality types to comfortably achieve the best results she can for each individual she sees.

Rakhi has also received training for the Integrated Listening Programme. This is a listening programme that includes movement and specially designed music to help improve motor and cognitive abilities.

Rakhi’s other interests include diet and nutrition and in particular neuroplasticity (the brains ability to rewire itself) and alternative (non mainstream) methods of teaching.

Rakhi also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Warwick Business School.